Celebrating the launch of SE24’s solar PV installation at Walworth Methodist Church

July 2nd saw the launch of SE24 Sustainable Energy’s latest solar PV installation. 76 solar panels are now installed on the roof of Walworth Methodist Church (see picture A).

These panels will

  • provide cheaper, greener electricity for the church and for all the community groups meeting on the premises.
  • help them shift towards renewables, leading the way for other churches and community groups.
  • Additional funds generated by selling surplus energy to the national grid, will be used to support and maintain the Southwark Peace Garden (see picture B) which the church created in its courtyard in response to violent crime in the neighbourhood.
A Some of the 76 solar PV panels being installed on the roof of Walworth Methodist Church
B Southwark Peace Garden. Maintenance will be supported by the SE24 Community Fund from revenue created from surplus electricity exported to the grid

This is the third church building that SE24 have partnered alongside its other three installations at a hospice, a school, and a swimming pool.

This project has been grant-funded with an LCEF grant covering the research and feasibility costs; and the British Airways Carbon Fund covering the capital and installation costs.

Community Energy Fortnight

The launch formed part of a major public meeting for Community Energy Fortnight which celebrated the achievements of community energy groups in South London – hosted by SE24, SELCE and Repowering London and featuring expert speakers – including Helen Hayes MP, and representatives from Southwark and Lewisham councils who lead each borough’s response to the Climate Emergency.

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