Three top environmental reasons to invest in SE24’s 2021 share offer

by SE24 Director Laura Wilson

1 You will be helping the UK meet its zero carbon targets.

Community energy can play a huge role in helping the UK transition towards a decentralised, zero carbon energy system by generating and using clean electricity at a local level that responds to community’s needs. SE24’s solar PV installation at Charter will provide pure green electricity directly to the school. On sunny days it could provide all the electricity the school needs. A zero-carbon economy depends on such local initiatives. We have to reduce reliance on the national electricity grid: community energy projects can help achieve this.

2 You will be taking local action with others in your local community.

By investing and taking part in a community energy project individuals can take tangible action on climate change. It brings the issues close to home. Neighbours can see your commitment and the difference you are making. At the same time SE24 will use part of its surplus to generate positive social outcomes such as local programmes to tackle fuel poverty.

3 You will be joining the community energy revolution.

You will be part of a growing, grass roots level movement of people and communities all over the UK who want to make a real difference and accelerate the movement towards a zero-carbon future. Collectively we can show the government that there is real demand for communities to lead the way in creating a cleaner, more democratic energy system that responds to their needs rather than the big energy companies.