Living Net Zero in Herne Hill

Jeremy Brackpool

by Jim Belben, SE24 Director and Company Secretary

Last week I attended Jeremy Brackpool’s environmental master class. His title intrigued me – ‘Living net zero in Herne Hill’ is what I am aiming for and many others are too.

Jeremy’s clear explanation of his journey towards his current priorities was engaging and believable. He exudes a sense of confidence that you can do it too. His advice is not prescriptive instead it is empowering. His four principles give plenty of room for you to make this journey in your own way.

Here are the principles and his brief explanations

1. Meat and dairy are occasional luxuries.

Beef and lamb cause 50 times more climate change than plant-based proteins. Make meat and dairy an occasional luxury and this will also make space to restore our lost forests.

2. Explore closer to home.

Travelling by plane and clocking up miles in a petrol or diesel car causes air pollution and climate change. Sit back, relax and explore new places by train.

3. Support renewable energy sources.

Many homes use fossil fuels. Switch to a renewable supplier for gas and electricity and help pay to build renewable energy sources so people around the world can switch. You can switch to renewable, non-fossil fuel, biomethane gas and electricity here: And make a regular contribution to support renewable energy here:

4. Pay for people not stuff.

The stuff we buy is manufactured and transported using fossil fuels. Enrich your life paying for people instead. When your money pays for the skills people have, rather than something made by machine, that’s low-carbon. Do a course, join a club, get a membership or a massage, see some music, go to a gallery, or a head to a match

If you want some extra ideas for principle 3 then check out SE24’s 2021 projects – to put solar panels on Charter School and retrofit LED lighting at Charter and Charles Dickens Primary School, Borough.

Check out Jeremy’s website to make contact with him and find the tools and support he provides to help you.

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