SE24 Investor profile – Andy and Wendy Firman

Like almost all SE24 investors Wendy and Andy Firman are local residents. They met and married and raised their three children here in the Herne Hill community and have been members of SE24 since 2017. (And despite the picture above, no they don’t have a speedboat, but they do have an electric car!)

How did you get involved in SE24?

We already knew some of the people who were involved in setting up SE24 – they were members of our church and our community. But we were never particularly bothered with investments.

However, when the SE24 share offer invitation came along in the summer of 2017 it seemed the ideal opportunity for us to get involved – to invest in something sustainable and local. St Christopher’s Hospice and the Herne Hill United Church were both significant places in our South London community. 

I remember hurriedly putting a cheque through Alan Jones’s door the night before we were setting off on holiday.

Now this latest share offer, to put solar panels on Charter school, seems particularly exciting. Our three children were educated at Charter North Dulwich, and the school has served us so well. It is great to have the chance to be involved in providing brightness for the next generation.

We can think of nowhere better to invest our money. We get a financial return, and we trust the people behind the organisation and their motivation and their associated ethos.

What does SE24 mean to you?

Well, SE24 has been our postcode for the last 10 years. But it’s much more than that. It represents our values and particularly our desire to live sustainably.

As well as investing in SE24 solar generation, we also generate our own green energy. We have sixteen solar panels on our own roof. This had been a bit of a dream for Andy since making a prototype solar panel in O level Technology in the 1980s! So, it was great to make it happen.

In our work lives Wendy is a local GP, Andy is a partner in a small law firm based near the Barbican. We have each been in our respective roles for over 20 years. We value the continuity but also the opportunity to grow in organisations which are small enough to be personal yet big enough to make a contribution.

Our family home has given us the platform and thankfully sufficient space to raise three children through their teenage years and most recently to get through the lockdowns when they haven’t been able to attend the Charter School or university.

Some of us are (more than) vegan-leaning. Wendy and daughter Becca have recently joined the environmental steering group in the parish of Herne Hill – aiming to help the two churches (St Pauls and St Saviours) work towards greater environmental awareness.