Will Shanks joins the SE24 Board

SE24 are pleased to welcome Will Shanks to the SE24 board following the resignation of Laura Wilson who has moved out of the area. Will has made a great contribution as a volunteer. He also brings down the average age of the SE24 board whcih we are very pleased about.

Will introduces himself.

“I am an SE22 native currently residing in E1. I have been concerned and passionate (although passionate feels like the wrong word) about climate change since I learnt about the greenhouse effect, and its consequences, in school at the age of 15. At the time I could not – and still can’t – understand why people didn’t seem to be taking it seriously; trying to tackle climate catastrophe became the motivation behind all the big decisions in my life.

I studied engineering at university and now work for an environmental research consultancy helping other organisations try to reduce their own carbon footprint or generate wider environmental benefits associated with things such as land use – a role I really enjoy. Before that I worked in France for an organisation in the energy efficiency sphere.

Frankly, I do not believe in the ability of the political/economic system which governs our lives to deal with climate change in a way which is just for everyone – particularly those in worse-off places in the world, or the ‘Global South’.

This is why organisations like SE24 are so important. I encountered SE24 through a friend and have been helping out in various guises for about 4 years, particularly on the more ‘technical’ issues like financial modelling of new projects. My heart is constantly warmed by seeing a group of local, friendly people take back power into their own hands for such a wonderful and critical goal. Achieving climate justice – by tackling things like fuel poverty in South London – is at the heart of what they do.

As a new director my only aim is to continue learning from the Board, allowing me to continue helping the local community into the future.”

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