Get involved


  • Anyone who invests in one of SE24’s share offers becomes a member of SE24
  • Investors earn interest return on their investment and the capital is repaid over the period of the investment
  • Investing in SE24 boosts our community fund which alleviates fuel poverty
  • Our 2021 share offer is fully funded so is now closed

Are you an investor? If you want to get your name on our e mail lists to be informed about future share offers e-mail [email protected]


  • SE24 has 6 partners. These are the schools, churches and a hospice that provide the roof space for our solar installations or who join in one of our LED projects
  • Partners benefit from cheaper and greener electricity and from energy efficiency
  • If you have a large south facing roof and/or use a lot of electricity for lighting get in touch. You could be our next partner.

Partner? If you want to find our whether you could have panels on your roof or be an LED project e mail Paul Hallas on [email protected] To find out more about the LED projects click here.


  • Everyone working in SE24 is a volunteer.
  • We don’t get paid. We are involved in SE24 because we believe in its objectives.
  • Some of our volunteers have just started their career in alternative energy and join us for work experience.
  • SE24 needs more volunteers such as legal and financial experts, media experts, project managers.
  • If you have experience that you think could help us get in touch.

Are you a volunteer? If you want to volunteer e mail Alan Jones on [email protected]


  • SE24 is part of the community energy revolution.
  • Community energy groups all over the country are playing their part in helping their local communities towards Net Zero target.
  • SE24 is a leading contributor to the Dulwich and West Norwood Climate Change Coalition
  • SE24 is a part of Community Energy England and Community Energy London and with other CE groups campaigns for greener energy policies
  • If you have a vision for local change and national action towards Net Zero get in touch and join our movement.

Campaigner? If you want to find out how you can join in the Dulwich Climate Change Coalition and its preparations for COP 26 e-mail Mark Hughes on [email protected]