LED lighting projects

Since 2020, SE24 has been helping make South London schools, businesses, and community buildings greener and more energy efficient by retrofitting LED lighting.

An SE24 LED project reduces a partner’s carbon emissions and energy bills, at zero up-front cost to the partner. These projects are particularly worthwhile for organisations and buildings which use a lot of electricity.

To date SE24’s LED projects have been in Southwark, but we are actively pursuing partnership in neighbouring boroughs.

We offer a one-stop solution to fund, install and manage energy-efficient LED lighting systems. This is helping to save money and the planet.

Much of this work has benefitted from the financial support from the GLA’s London Community Energy Fund who are making such a valuable contribution towards both project development and the capital costs of LED lighting installation.

We can organise LED lighting surveys and retrofits which would enable your organisation to:

  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • increase the value of your property
  • make your offices or classrooms healthier, improving staff and/or student well being
  • benefit from potentially large energy bill savings
  • be supported through the process, including having a full LED lighting survey completed, and receive financial support with a pay-as-you-save model
  • help the South London community and support local people living in fuel poverty through our Community Funds.

If you are interested to find out more and see how your site could benefit, please contact either: