SE24 Community Fund

The story so far

As a Community Benefit Society (CBS), SE24 is a not-for-profit company which recycles any surplus funds into the community for two main purposes:

Tackling fuel poverty

  • The primary aim of our Community Fund is to support local people facing fuel poverty
  • Initially (through 2017 and 2018) we financed our own energy efficiency project for people living on the Kingsdale Estate.
  • In 2019 and 2020 we worked with Repowering London, based in Brixto. We helped pay for their fuel poverty and energy advice workers on the Loughborough Estate. This offered better value for money than doing it ourselves particularly during the tricky years of the Covid pandemic.
  • Since 2021 we have routed our Community Fund via Christians Against Poverty, who support local people of all faiths and none. This has so far been used in two main ways:
    • to purchase fuel vouchers (which due to an arrangement with fuelbank double the value of our contribution)
    • to provide emergency cold weather packages (eg blankets, hot water bottles, electric blankets, steamer cookers)

Educating the community about climate change

  • The secondary aim of our Community Fund is to engage with the community on climate change issues
  • SE24 supported a local climate action event in Herne Hill, in the run-up to COP-26 in Glasgow during 2021.

In total, we have so far committed around [£7,000] to our Community Fund and this total will continue to grow as we expand our project portfolio