LED lighting surveys in Southwark

Following the successful completion of LED projects at Charles Dickens Primary, Charter School North Dulwich (both in 2021) and Goodrich Community Primary School in 2022 (see post here) SE24 are now surveying other schools in Southwark to see if they can benefit in the same way.

We received two London Community Energy Fund grants worth £13,500 in total, to survey six Southwark schools or community buildings working closely with Southwark Council. This opportunity is open to all schools in the Borough. If you want a survey contact [email protected]

These projects have been carried out in partnership with our neighbouring community energy group SELCE, and has engaged a number of SE24’s own volunteers who took part in SELCE training before their site visits.

“I really enjoyed the two days with Lawrence and Nadia at Ark Globe Academy. It is a huge site so it was good to be working alongside the SELCE professionals. The Retrolux software takes a bit of getting used to, but we soon got in the swing of it and learned just how many different lighting systems there are out there. It has certainly increased my own awareness of how much can be saved in the long term by switching to LED, so much so that I have been through my own home and switched to LED bulbs throughout! It is rewarding to know that by giving a little time now and then we can do our own little bit for the planet and hopefully help schools and others save financially and put those saved funds to better use.”

SE24 member and LED lighting survey volunteer Mark Dixon

“I wanted to volunteer to help with the LED surveys for several reasons – firstly that in the era of climate change, I feel it is very important to conserve energy, and these surveys are one way to help with this, as well as helping the organisations to lower their bills.  I also have a keen interest in physics (I have a degree in microelectronics), so this subject is one in which I have a personal interest.  During the survey, I enjoyed the chance to help in a practical way; Lawrence and Nadia were very welcoming and helped me to learn quickly about how to recognise different types of light fittings and bulbs, and how to enter the details using the software, and I feel inspired to assist on future ones whenever this is possible”

SE24 lighting survey volunteer, Carol

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